Thursday, December 10, 2009

Valentino: The Last Emperor

I am completely in love with both Valentino and Giancarlo after this documentary. Wow...Valentino is the persona I want to grow into when I get older. Their relationship is so adorable and amazing. They have been friends, lovers, business partners and creators together for fifty years. I look up to their relationship and the fact that they never got married but have an everlasting love for one another. I would have loved to see Valentino kiss Giancarlo. I felt like Giancarlo was so deserving of a moment of Valentino's outwardly show of affection. Giancarlo is an absolutely amazing life partner to have it seems like. He seemed so careful, so compassionate, so trustworthy, so stylish, so intelligent, so fun and such a hard worker. Valentino is so talented, so powerful yet so sensitive and in need of someone as grounding as Giancarlo. They both had adorable personalities and their combination is matchless!!!

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