Tuesday, March 3, 2009

This is why I LOVE him.......Spring 2009 John Galliano.....no one else!

Just dress me up and take me to the most lavish tea party.....

If Marie Antoinette was still around, she would be his biggest admirer.

He's mind is so sick! I can't get enough. He is a genius!

I would seriously rock that wig with that outfit....for sure!

The hats?! But of course.....Stephen Jones my dear and don't you forget it!

I don't dig the floral dress in this picture, but it goes well with everything he has presented so far and the hat looks fantastic!

Wow...these women must feel like some divine creatures in these clothes!

Ok, it's decided. I'm coming back as a model in my next life and Galliano is coming back as himself and...actually I'm coming back as his muse...love it!

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