Saturday, March 21, 2009

Viktor & Rolf have become one of my favorite designers!

Viktor and Rolf presented life sized dolls and their doll-sized counterparts at the Barbican Art Gallery in London on July of 2008. The dolls were wearing 55 looks from the past 15 seasons of Viktor and Rolf's collections.

"I looked my eyes out" expression in dutch that is so appropriate for what I found.

I feel like designers, musicians, directors and artists of all kinds leave little bread crumbs of creativity through their work, which hopefully will lead other like minded individuals to the discovery of their own art and the ability to create such wondrous things!

These two dutch designers are amazingly playful in terms of their energy. They create from a world of their imagination that is so in alignment with what i'm inspired by as an artist. Their website is based on such a beautiful and fun concept and their message is clear....they are here to create the world of our dreams. I have a great amount of appreciation for that type of thinking. I also aspire to do the same in my short films to enrich this life so that it is never ordinary.

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