Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Edward Gorey....Macabre Writer/Illustrator 1925-2000

If he was still around, I'd adopt him as my grandpa! Edward Gorey was an incredibly interesting artist. A notable influence for Tim Burton who has created characters inspired by those depicted by Gorey. Although he is know to be a macabre illustrator and writer, he was said to be a surprisingly cheerful person and a delightful conversationalist. He didn't have a thing for children, yet wrote and illustrated childrens books. He dressed up his wickedly evil characters in Edwardian attire and gave them a gruesome yet playful demeanor. The introduction of PBS's MYSERTY! series in the 1980s was illustrated by him, which brought recognition to his unique style. He illustrated Bram Stoker's Dracula and was the set/costume designer for the Broadway show, for which he won a Tony award. He was thought to be a recluse even though he was quite friendly with fans and eat at the same restaurant in Cape Cod for breakfast and lunch everyday. He loved wearing fur coats until he became an animal activist and shred them to pieces! He also attended the New York City ballet's every performance for 30 years until the ballet's choreographer passed away.

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