Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sinking My Teeth Into The Dada Movement

The Dada movement was a revolt against oppressive governments and a rejection of WWI. The people's sentiments where expressed through antiart. It was a time of liberation through defiance of what was the prevalent standard in the art world and its replacement was a natural explosion of creativity that pushed the art boundaries and introduced many different art forms, one of which was "performance art." This cultural movement took place in 1916 in Zurich initially at Cabaret Voltaire and then spread to the rest of Europe and lasted until 1923. There coincidentally was also a lesser violent movement of the same nature and of the same name in New York. The dada movement influenced what is now known as avant-garde, Surrealism, pop art, punk rock, etc! I'm so grateful of artists like Hugo Ball and many others who started this movement out of the need and passion to create beyond the limiting boundaries that their culture and societies had set. Artist are meant to be free to create out of their minds and souls instead of being a mere mechanism in a factory constructed by the limitations of societal standards.

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